Sintermetall - The 100% dimensionally stable material milled in your own lab 

The Cobalt-Chrome blanks (non-precious metal) are highly pre-compressed and slightly sintered, which enables the milling of all dental restorations. Thanks to the fact that the raw material has a shrinkage factor of just 7%, its torsional stability during the sintering process is very high. Like this, all milled dental restorations (full arch bridges, single crowns, metal structures, telescopes, bars, attachments) can be sintered with total lack of stresses.

Properties at a glance:
  • High performance cobalt-chromium alloy
  • 100% deformation resistant - no distortions or stresses in the metal structure
  • No impurities in the metal structure
  • High flexural strength trough seamless material bond and smooth surfaces (final density > 98 %)
  • High edge stability
  • Your CAD/CAM system does not have to be upgraded
  • Oxygen-free sintering in the Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum sintering furnace with high vacuum and special sintering adapter (no additional furnace is required) or in the Sinterofen 300S sintering furnace.
  • Sintering without shielding gas
  • Due to perfect temperature distribution in the furnace, manufacturing up to 14-unit restorations is possible
  • Milling time depending on milling unit: ca. 15 minutes
  • Electroplating to reduce the grey value of zirconia secondary structures
  • Faster than the casting technique

    Sintermetall – surface under an electronic microscope
Flexural strength of Zirkonzahn’s solid metal (Chrom-Cobalt) after 3-point flexural test    


Flexural strength of Zirkonzahn’s Sintermetall after 3-point flexural test


slightly sintered


densely sintered

Sintering process

There are two different sintering furnaces available:

Combustion chamber Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum sintering furnace for up to 120 zirconia and 25 sinter metal elements
Combustion chamber Sinterofen 300S sintering furnace for approximately 50 sinter metal elements; sintering 2 full arch bridges or 6 bars in one process


Sintermetall 95H12

Package content:
1 pc
Item number:
System / diameter:

Deformation resistant sinter metal for the manufacture of single crowns up to 14-unit bridges, metal frameworks, telescopes, bars, post and cores as well as attachments in your own lab

Dry processing with all Zirkonzahn Milling Units (except M1 Abutment Milling Unit) with CAD/CAM Milling Bur Sintermetall; electroplating as well as veneering with ceramics (consider CTE value) is possible

Gallery with cases by Michele Frapporti

Milled with Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM System 5-TEC