Ratchet wrench with adjustable torque for the screwing of titanium bases on implants

Torque Ratchet Wrench
Item number: SIAK1001

Screwdriver for fixing and removing Zirkonzahn screws

Screwdriver 0.05" short
Item number: SIAK0301
      Screwdriver 0.05" long
Item number: SIAK0303

Screwdriver for fixing Zikonzahn Multi Unit Abutments NON HEX

Screwdriver ZZ MUA
Item number: SIAK2001

Tool for removing sealing screws from a zirconia structure in the patient’s mouth

Sealing Screw Extractor
Item number: EXAA8011

Screw for scan analogue

Scananalog Screw
Item number: BSDE0001

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