Ranger School 


climb the mountain

based on the concept by Enrico Steger


The ranger - guardian and protector

Resoluteness, alertness, willing to defend values, absolute humbleness before nature and unflagging contribution to his goal.

These are the principles of the Ranger School. With an iron will, we are consistently passing on all our knowledge to our disciples within six months. Thus the disciple will become a virtuoso master himself and subsequently teach the disciples who follow. We teach the essential of both art and dental technology; we devote, for instance, 100 minutes per day to modelling, we work on very challenging cases, photography and aesthetics. Our disciples will have to do homework and face challenges which will bring them to their limits. The fact that they live and learn together in perfect unity will help them overcome these obstacles. To understand the bigger picture, it is indispensable to convey the values of culture. To reach this objective, the written word is studied and tested, the elocution celebrated and body, mind and character developed. The Ranger School offers knowledge from which the disciples can profit throughout their whole life and their sense of connection between each other will never fade.

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Ranger School
South Tyrol – Italy
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