Face Hunter 

Scanner for photo-realistic 3D digitalisation of faces as a working basis for the manufacture of individualised
dental prostheses.

Item number: SYAA0310

Special features at a glance


  • Planning reliability for the dental technician, the dentist and the patient through the manufacture of tooth restorations on the basis of the patient’s physiognomy
  • Intuitive controls: digitalisation with only one click
  • High scanning speed: less than 0.3 seconds per face
  • Integrates extremely well into the Zirkonzahn workflow: the face scans are deposited in the mock-up software Zirkonzahn.Modellier in combination with the Scanner S600 ARTI via a patented process
  • Ideal for presentation of the work and for patient consulting in combination with the Software-Module CAD/CAM Reality Mode (photorealistic visualisation in real colours)
  • The representation can be exported in PDF or OBJ format
  • Also suitable for mobile use with laptops

Interview about the usage of the Face Hunter 3D-facial scanner

Why, for which indications and for whom is the use of a 3D-facial scan worthwhile?
Interview with Josef Schweiger, who holds a MSc in digital dental technology and is the head of the dental laboratory at the Department for Dental Prosthetics of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University of Munich
(The interview is available in German and English)



Face hunter-Accessories
Tripod for Face Hunter
Support for the Face Hunter facial scanner, equipped with a shelf for the laptop, height adjustable

Item number: ZBAA4111
Flash for Face Hunter
Support for 2 flashes for the face Hunter facial scanner

Item number: ZBAA4121
Set Transfer Fork Face Hunter
5 supports for the positioning of the maxillary cast within the facial scans and 10 reference markers

Item number: ZBAC2401
Reference markers Transfer Fork Face Hunter
10 stickers for the detection of the Transfer Fork Face Hunter’s position

Item number: ZBAC2421
Transfer Fork Reference Cover
Transfer Fork attachment as position reference for the intraoral scanner

Item number: ZBAC2411

Technical data


Size (H x W x D): 31,3 x 9,8 x 25,1 cm
Weight: approx. 6 kg
Scanning duration per face: Less than 0.3 seconds
Compatibility: Integrates extremely well into the Zirkonzahn workflow
Interfaces: The representation can be exported in PDF or OBJ format