Sinterofen 300S – Sintering furnace for the sintering of Zirkonzahn’s sinter metal  


Durable SiC heating elements
New sintering technique
Modern high quality full glazing
Individual sintering programmes on request
Updatable via USB port
4,3” color touchscreen
Controlled cooling
Oxygen-free sintering / High Vacuum
Deformation-resistant sintering of full arch structures
Sintering without shielding gas and residual oxides
The compact Sinterofen 300S sintering furnace is in the typical Zirkonzahn design fully glazed and has been developed especially for the sintering of our Sintermetall. The high performance vacuum pump enables oxygen-free sintering without the use of shielding gas. Thanks to the very long-lasting SiC heating elements, the furnace requires low maintenance and is very robust.
The optimal temperature distribution in the sintering furnace, the shrinkage factor of our Sintermetall of just 7% as well as its torsional stability allow the sintering of all milled dental restorations from single crowns, metal structures, telescopes, bars and attachments up to full arch bridges with a total lack of stresses in the metal.
Using the Sintering Tray Sintermetall XL 300S (for small structures of up to 5 elements) up to 50 Sintermetall elements can be sintered within the large sintering tube of the furnace. With the specially developed Sintering Holder XL 300S (patent pending), it is possible to sinter two full arch bridges or up to six bars in one sintering cycle. After the eight-hour sintering cycle, the oven cools down automatically and controlled. The sintering process as well as the remaining sintering time can be checked at any time on the easy-to-use 4,3 ” colour touchscreen control panel. The Sinterofen 300S is quickly and easily updateable via USB port.
  • Equipped with a high vacuum pump for oxygen-free sintering
  • Sintering without shielding gas
  • Large combustion chamber for appr. 50 Sintermetall elements
  • With the special Sintering Holder XL 300S (patent pending) it is possible to sinter two full arch bridges or six bars in just one sintering cycle
  • Due to perfect temperature distribution in the furnace, manufacturing up to 14-unit restorations is possible
  • Sintering time: 8 hours
  • Automatically controlled cooling
  • Long-lasting SiC heating elements
  • Low maintenance, very robust
  • Modern high quality design (with Securit glass panels)
  • Easy operation thanks to the 4.3” colour touchscreen control panel which shows the sintering process and the remaining time
  • Updateable via USB port
Technical data:
Size (W x H x D)   45 x 56 x 70 cm

Weight   81 kg

Electrical power   2600 W

Combustion Chamber Capacity   0,7 l

Size Sinter Tube   75 x 150 mm

Max. temperature   up to 1350 °C

Vacuum   Yes

Capacity   approx. 50 Sintermetall elements, 2 bridges or
6 bars