Zirkograph 025 ECO 

The original
This copy-milling unit, also called 'The Volksfräser', is a machine designed for the manual manufacture of crown & bridge framework made of zirconia. The Volksfräser has been conceived in such a way that, owing to its small dimensions of 59 cm length and 25 cm width, it can be ideally used as a lab bench. Contrary to the Zirkograph 025, our 5-axis milling unit, the Volksfräser is supplied in its base execution as a 4-axis milling equipment only. Nevertheless, this is not a disadvantage because works with up to 14 units can be performed. Only wide spread, implant-borne, occlusally screw-retained bridges cannot be realized since the individual implants are never placed in parallel but they diverge more or less from one another. A 5th axis is required for such special bridges. As of now this 5th axis is available for the Volksfräser as well.

Yves Probst
„The Zirkograph brought life into our laboratory, and how!“
Yves Probst, master dental technician from France

Zirkograph 025 ECO with 5th axis.


Lenght: 59 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 57 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Output Power: 190 W
Air Supply:
6 bar
Range of Application: From single crowns to 16-unit bridges (using the 5th axis occlusally screw-retained bridges can be created)
Remarks: 5th axis optional by request