Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments 


The Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments are especially suited for multi-unit restorations. Due to the fact that they are adapted to different implant systems and their connections for the secondary structure are unified, the secondary structure can be screwed directly, or with additional titanium bases, with different implants without any problems. A further advantage of the standardised connection is that using these abutments, also other components (e.g. titanium bases, Scanmarkers, etc.) are reduced to one connection and divergences can be compensated.

Multi Unit Abutment non hex 

The Multi Unit Abutments NON HEX without anti-rotation device are suited for multi-unit restorations. They are designed in one piece to prevent the ingress of bacteria. The application of the Multi Unit Abutments NON HEX is extremely easy, because all types of implants have been adapted on a standard port. They are available in five different gingival heights to offer the best possible solution for every case.
For multi-unit restorations
Conical Cemented Titanium Base
as component of the Multi Unit Abutment
Without anti-rotation device
Available in different heights