NEWDetection Eye Intraoral Scanner  


Detection Eye intraoral scanner for the digital workflow

The new Detection Eye intraoral scanner stands out for its very high scanning accuracy and high scanning speed, which enables to digitise the patient’s jaw in less than 60 seconds. The scanner weighs 240 g only.

The Detection Eye intraoral scanner provides real-time scanning with realistic colours and clear preparation margins. The scanning areas do not need to be pre-treated with powder, which simplifies the acquisition process.
The intraoral scanner's intuitive software allows the user to complete the scanning process via one-button control. The software can also be operated via motion sensing technology. By moving the scanner, the user sends commands to the software. This simplifies handling and ensures a hygienic digital impression, as the PC does not need to be touched. Moreover, the software uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and remove redundant data from the soft tissue, resulting in a faster and optimised scanning process.

The choice of two different tips (standard and small) makes the impression-taking more comfortable and patient-friendly.
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Overview of the characteristics

  • High scanning accuracy
  • High scanning speed: jaw digitisation in less than 60 seconds
  • Real-time scan with realistic colours and clear preparation borders
  • Powder-free scanning for a simplified process
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic design
  • Autoclavable and reusable tips in two different sizes
  • Intuitive software which allows the user to scan using just one button with no risk of cross-contamination (e.g. by touching the PC)
  • For all common restorations, such as inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges on dies and implants, orthodontic treatments as well as for the registration of the occlusion and the situation models
  • Completely integrated in Zirkonzahn digital workflow
  • Open output formats: export as STL, OBJ and PLY



Technical data

Size of the measuring field Standard tip: 16 mm x 12 mm; up to 22 mm depth
Small tip: 12 mm x 9 mm; up to 22 mm depth

Dimensions (L x W x H) 281 mm x 46 mm x 33 mm

Weight 240 g (without cable)

Scanning time per jaw < 60 seconds

Output formats Open: STL, OBJ, PLY

Functioning Non-contact scanner with structured light

Registration Mode 


Bite Registration 


Dynamic Bite Registration 


Scanner as a cursor



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