• Fully automated optical structured-light Scanner S900 ARTI with scanning software
  • PC and screen
  • Basic modeling software Zirkonzahn.Modellier


  • Fully automated optical structured-light scanner with three high-resolution high-speed cameras with particularly high scan data density and less rescanning
  • Even faster scanning thanks to further developed software technology (starting from Zirkonzahn.Scan 5051)
  • High scanning precision: ≤ 10 μm
  • Particularly large scanning area (115 x 78; format 16:9) for articulator scans and the capture of the entire model in a single scanning process; every kind of lab articulator can be measured and stored in the software
  • The placement of the third camera allows a deeper detection area for interdental spaces and for impressions
  • Scannable objects: no limitations, i.a. individual dies, arch segments, full arch models, bite records, opposing dentition (mush bites, entire jaw), wax-ups, veneers, abutments, occlusal registrations, bite rims, etc.
  • Intelligent data import/export function with open interface: STL-, OFF-, OBJ-, PLY- formats
  • Double-Scan function
  • Integrated colour scan option – useful for example when creating partial dentures
  • Extensive matching functions, for example group matching, marker matching, negative matching
  • Stable high-precision gears
  • Scanning area is protected from unfavourable lighting conditions and dust
  • Universal capturing of models with intelligent model acquisition concepts and fast clamping devices (Easy-Fix-System)
  • Easy positioning of the scan model with the help of a laser point
  • Patient-specific information captured with the PlaneSystem® (Udo Plaster, MDT) and with the Plane Analyser, can be 100 % digitised and implemented into the Zirkonzahn.Software
  • Software and hardware upgradeable to the latest technology

Technical specifications 


Weight 56 kg

Width 48 cm

Height 69 cm

Depth 41 cm

Glass lining Hardened Securit glass UNI ISO 12150

Cameras 3

Processing axes 2

Power capacity 200 W

Operating voltage 100 – 240V

Power input 0.9 A (1.9 A)


Further information and accessories 

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