Zirconia abutments on titanium bases 

The use of titanium bases for the manufacturing of dental prostheses (individual abutments, zirconia bars, telescopes or occlusally screwed structures) offers a lot of advantages compared to structures which have been directly screwed on the implant.
Due to the transverse forces appearing during masticatory movements the zirconia structures are highly stressed. The use of titanium bases may reduce the force impact on the titanium structure. We generally recommend the use of titanium bases for all screw-retained implant structures, particularly though for those in the anterior tooth region, as the transverse forces of the masticatory movement are especially strong there. Structures can be kept passive through the use of titanium bases.
Moreover, titanium bases can be anodized with different colours (e.g. golden) using the Zirkonzahn Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer. This is to avoid titanium bases shining through under the zirconia structures. The high biocompatibility of the material titanium remains unchanged.
In order to place the implants at the same height of the gingiva and to obtain an esthetically and hygienically appropriate solution, titanium bases are also available in different platform heights (1-4 mm).