Dentsply Event 

Barbara Pahl, Barbara Leitgeb, Mauricio Cuéllar de la Torre, Edyta Cywoniuk

Two days of interesting and inspiring lectures

This unique event brought together dentists and dental technicians from all over Europe! During two days of interesting and inspiring lectures a lively interaction among all participants evolved and Zirkonzahn is proud of having been the host of such an exceptional event with the active help of our Polish partner Mrs. Edyta Cywoniuk.

Interested dental experts followed the invitation of Astratech Poland and thanks to the participation of Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya the congress gained even more importance. Needless to say that Enrico Steger joined this illustrious circle and held a lecture of his own. The speakers put their main focus on the possibilities and challenges that zirconia offers in implant dentistry and the following discussions showed how exciting this topic is.
In other words: whether Dental Technician or Dentist, whether from Spain or France or Poland – Zirkonzahn brings them all together!