Technicians and dentists event 

Let your dentist know about the quality of Zirkonzahn

Building the bridge between dentist and technician

Last year, from the 1st to the 4th of July, Zirkonzahn welcomed in the heart of its valley its CAD/CAM clients accompanied by their dentists. The aim of the initiative was to enforce the bond between dental technicians and dentists through a better understanding of Zirkonzahn’s work philosophy directly in its South Tyrolean home.

This event gave the participants the opportunity to take part in some trainings about the digital workflow and in interesting lectures given by Enrico Steger and to discover Zirkonzahn’s unflagging commitment to excellence through its core values of discipline, trust and responsibility. During these days, dentists could also experience first-hand the passion and the willpower behind the work of their dental technicians.

We thank all the participants for their interest and constant support, which, day by day, give us the strength and the enthusiasm to follow our path towards perfection.