Our metals have a new name
We have renamed our metals Titan, Sintermetall und Chrom-Cobalt in: Titanit, Sinternit and Cocronit Superior. Materials properties as well as range of applications remain unchanged. 


Mini-Arti ZS1

The mini articulator for crowns and small bridges

The mini articulator is ideal for checking the occlusion of single crowns and small bridges, permitting the simulation of opening, closing, protrusion, retrusion and laterotrusive movements. Functional and easy to use, it has been specially designed for use with prototype models (milled or printed) and it is also a valuable instrument for professional communication between dentist and dental technician.


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Certified single-use filtering masks of class FFP2

The DeMedici Premium Pro F2 are single-use filtering half masks of class FFP2 according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 with a filtering performance of more than 94%, in order to protect the user against solid and liquid aerosols. According to EU Regulation 2016/425, these masks are certified as category III PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


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Veneering composites for the individual characterisation of gingival areas 

With our Gingiva-Composites, it is possible to layer the gingival area of resin temporaries or final restorations. The colour spectrum is based on the ICE Ceramics Tissue shades, reproducing a totally individual and natural-looking gingiva.


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NewFresco Ceramics

The new art of layering zirconia

With the new ceramic pastes Fresco Gingiva and Fresco Enamel, monolithic and slightly reduced zirconia structures can be quickly and easily veneered in the gingival and vestibular regions.


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NewMulti Blank Holder

7 crowns - 7 colours - 7 patients

With the new Multi Blank Holder 4x1 and 7x1 Teleskoper, up to seven single crowns can be produced in different colours. In this way, it is possible to produce crowns for 7 different patients all at once. Thanks to the smaller blank shape, it is no longer necessary to keep a large inventory of hardly used colours.


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NewZirkonofen Turbo

Speed beyond any expectation

With the Zirkonofen Turbo it is now possible to sinter 4-unit bridges in about 1.5 hours. This permits saving 81 % of time and reducing electricity consumption of 73 %. Zirconia restorations can be milled, sintered and veneered in 2 hours and 40 minutes only.


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NewZirkonzahn Shade Guides

Monolithic Prettau® zirconia shade guides identical to the final restoration

With the new monolithic zirconia shade guides for all Prettau® Dispersive® zirconia materials, the patient tooth colour can now be determined with the matching Prettau® Dispersive® zirconia material. As we are always striving for perfection, not only do we offer shade guides in the shape of upper and lower incisors, but also in the shape of a premolar. For individualists, the shade guides in the shape of an upper incisor are also available with minimal cutback for individual veneering. The results are truly unique shade guides.


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