Zirkonzahn California opens 

Zirkonzahn California

Zirkonzahn goes California!


At the end of July Zirkonzahn opened its new branch in the USA. The branch is located in the university town of Irvine in California and it will primarily be used as Education Center, as well as for dental and device technical customer support in the United States and Canada. In addition to the US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, this is the second location on North American soil.
The interior of the building corresponds to the Zirkonzahn style and was designed by Enrico Steger personally. Of course the founder was also present at the opening and led together with General Manager Alessandro Cucchiaro trough the event. In accordance with the philosophy of the company, the opening celebration was held in modest form. Priority was given to further education and the exchange of experiences and ideas. Representatives from universities and dental laboratories followed the invitation.