Gingiva-Composites Layering


The introductory course for gingiva layering with composites


Target group: Zirkonzahn zirconia and system users
Course duration: 1 days
Participants: 4
Venue: Zirkonzahn Education Center Brunico, Education Center Neuler other venues on request
Content: By means of a prepared 8-unit anterior tooth model made of resin, we show you everything you need to know about aesthetic gingiva layering with Gingiva-Composites and the final sealing.


  • Basic characteristics and indication spectrum of resins and Gingiva-Composites
  • Elaboration and polishing of a resin structure
  • Surface treatment
  • Layering of the gingival part with Composite Tissue
  • Polishing and finalisation of the work
  • Resolve outstanding issues
Education Center
Education Center Brunico*
Południowego Tyrol – Włochy
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1 dzień: 08.30 – 18.00 500,00 € (plus VAT) Instrukcje dojazdu

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