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Product info

Our Gingiva-Composites are conceived to individually layer and model the gingival area of resin frameworks, whether they are temporaries or final restorations made from Temp Basic, Temp Premium Flexible, Prime and Denture Gingiva Basic
  The colour spectrum is based on the ICE Ceramics Tissue shades (light to dark), reproducing a totally individual and natural-looking gingiva. Through the temporary, dentists and patients can get now an immediate aesthetic impression of the final restoration. The Gingiva-Composites are light-curing veneering composites resistant to chipping, which ensure an aesthetically pleasing result. 
  Their application is very simple: before veneering the structure, clean the sandblasted resin surface with Composite Cleaning Liquid. In order to achieve an optimal bond between Gingiva-Composites and the resin framework, apply Composite Bonding Liquid to the structure and then polymerise it. The gingiva can now be individually layered with the different composite shades. 

After the gingiva has been finally modelled, apply the Composite Removing Gel to provide greater opacity to the gingiva and to completely remove the inhibition layer formed during the polymerisation process. At this point, if desired, the structure can be high-gloss polished with the Composite Polishing Paste. With this procedure, it is possible to recreate an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking gingiva. All components are available both individually and as a complete set.




Gingival veneering of resin framework


Set Composite Paste Complete
Paczka zawiera: Composite Paste Tissue 0,1, 4, 5 and 6, Composite Bonding Liquid, Composite Non-Stick Liquid, Composite Cleaning Liquid, Composite Removing Gel, Composite Polishing Paste, Brush holder with 5 brush caps

Numer katalogowy: CPAA3030

Gingiva Composite Paste

Light-curing composites for veneering gingival areas of resin frameworks
Composite Paste Tissue 0
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Kolor: extra bright

Numer katalogowy: CPAA0040
Composite Paste Tissue 1
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Kolor: very bright

Numer katalogowy: CPAA0050
Composite Paste Tissue 4
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Kolor: light

Numer katalogowy: CPAA0010
Composite Paste Tissue 5
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Kolor: medium

Numer katalogowy: CPAA0020
Composite Paste Tissue 6
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Kolor: dark

Numer katalogowy: CPAA0030

Composite Fluid Tissue

Viscous, light-curing composites for veneering gingival areas of resin frameworks
Composite Fluid Tissue 0
Paczka zawiera: 3 g
Kolor: extra bright

Numer katalogowy: CPAA1040
Composite Fluid Tissue 1
Paczka zawiera: 3 g
Kolor: very bright

Numer katalogowy: CPAA1050
Composite Fluid Tissue 4
Paczka zawiera: 3 g
Kolor: light

Numer katalogowy: CPAA1010
Composite Fluid Tissue 5
Paczka zawiera: 3 g
Kolor: medium

Numer katalogowy: CPAA1020


Composite Bonding Liquid
Paczka zawiera: 7 ml
Liquid for bonding Gingiva-Composites to the resin framework and as bonder between single composite layer if there is no dispersion layer

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2010
Composite Non-Stick Liquid
Paczka zawiera: 5 ml
A non-stick liquid for wetting of build-up tools

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2020

Composite Cleaning Liquid
Paczka zawiera: 10 ml
Liquid for cleaning resin frameworks before the application of Gingiva-Composites

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2030
Composite Removing Gel
Paczka zawiera: 4 g
Gel for final hardening and removal of smear layer before polishing

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2040
Composite Polishing Paste
Paczka zawiera: 35 g
Paste for high gloss polishing of composite structures

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2050
Composite Bonding Liquid for TECNO MED
Paczka zawiera: 7 ml
Liquid for bonding Gingiva-Composites to frameworks in TECNO MED resin and as bonder between single composite layer if there is no dispersion layer

Numer katalogowy: CPAA2060
Brush holder with 5 brush caps
Paczka zawiera: 1 piece
For the apllication of Composite Cleaning Liquid, Composite Bonding Liquid and Composite
Removing Gel

Numer katalogowy: ZBAA2311
Application Tips thick 0.9
Paczka zawiera: 10 pieces
Application tip hubs for Composite Fluid syringes

Numer katalogowy: ZBAA0701