DeMedici Face Masks 


We guarantee quality, fast delivery and a stable supply

The emergence of the novel Coronavirus has shown us how problematic it can be to depend on manufacturers from other countries for the supply of protective masks. We know we need to be prepared. This is why we now produce our own medical masks. The logistics chain we have built up over the years is reliable and stable. Even in times of complete lockdown we were able to deliver our medical devices at any time. For many years now, we are working with reliable shipping service providers (UPS, GLS) and carriers.


Our masks made in South Tyrol

DeMedici Medical Face Masks

Mouth-nose medical protection masks, tested according to European standard EN 14683:2019 with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of more than 99.5 %.

DeMedici Premium Pro

Single-use filtering half masks of class FFP2 according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 with a filtering performance of more than 94%, in order to protect the user against solid and liquid aerosols. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of category III according to EU Regulation 2016/425.

DeMedici Comfort Pro

Mouth-nose masks for daily use with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of > 99.5%.