NOWOSCPrettau® Bridge Aesthetics B

The aesthetic course for perfect anterior restorations made of Prettau® Zirconia with
gingiva veneering


Target group: Zirkonzahn zirconia and system users
Course duration: 3 days (two half days and one entire day)
Participants: 4
Venue: Zirkonzahn Education Center Brunico, Education Center Neuler other venues on request
Content: We put a 4-unit, occlusally screw-retained front bridge in Prettau® Zirconia at your disposal. Together we elaborate and colour it with the specially developed colouring technique for this scope. Afterwards, always on the basis of this bridge, we show you everything you need to know about the veneering with ICE Zirkon in the anterior and gingival region. Finally, you turn it into a highly aesthetic and natural model made of Prettau® Zirconia on titanium bases with natural gingiva.


Day 1 (afternoon)
  • Basic characteristics, particularities and range of application of Prettau® Zirconia
  • Colouring of an unsintered anterior tooth bridge in Prettau® Zirconia with Colour Liquid Prettau® Aquarell
  • Drying and densly sintering the Prettau® Bridge overnight

Day 2 (all-day)
  • Examining the work results of the previous day
  • Ceramic layering and wash firing
  • Staining with ICE Zirkon 3D Stains by Enrico Steger and glaze firing
  • Dentine and correction firings
  • Refinement and surface designing

Day 3 (morning)
  • Final stain and glaze firing
  • Polishing
  • Checking the fit
  • Anodising the titanium bases with the Titanium spectral-colouring Anodizer
  • Cementing the titanium bases in the Prettau® Zirconia structure
  • Resolving outstanding issues

Education Center
Education Center Brunico*
Południowego Tyrol – Włochy
T +39 0474 066 650
1wszy dzień: 13.30 – 18.00
2gi dzień: 08.30 –18.00
3 dzień: 08.30 –12.00
1000,00 € (plus VAT) Instrukcje dojazdu

Education Center Neuler
Neuler – Niemcy
T +49 7961933990
1wszy dzień: 13.30 – 18.00
2gi dzień: 08.30 –18.00
3 dzień: 08.30 –12.00
1000,00 € (plus VAT) Instrukcje dojazdu

*Również W Brunico Na Życzenie
Zapraszamy do Heldencampus, Laboratory Steger in Brunico, Zirkonzahn headquarters in Gais

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