NOWOSCNatural Waxed Dental Floss - PLA dental floss for a healthy oral flora 

The Natural Waxed Dental Floss is a tasteless, compostable PLA dental floss for cleaning the interdental spaces.

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20 pieces

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  • Vegan
  • Without animal testing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gluten and soy-free

Why floss daily

Brushing your teeth every day removes around 70% of the harmful plaque, which consists of bacteria. If plaque that accumulates on the surface and in the interdental spaces is not removed regularly, damage to enamel and gums can be caused, which can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis and diseases of the periodontium.
While the toothbrush removes plaque from chewing surfaces and smooth surfaces, dental floss (or similar) is used to clean the interdental spaces and remove bacteria, food debris and plaque.

Three Peaks keyring pendant  

High-quality keyring pendant in  the shape of the Three Peaks mountains. Have always a part of the South Tyrolean Dolomites with you!

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Lanyard with Zirkonzahn logo 

Key band with metal snap hook and Zirkonzahn logo

Size (Length x Width):
ca. 450 x 20 mm

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1 piece

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Nóż z cyrkonu 

High quality ceramic kitchen knife with excellent cutting quality

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1 piece

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Personalized Zirconia knife
The imprint of your company logo makes it a special gift for clients
(Personalisation for free with purchase of min. 5 knives)

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  • Extremely sharp blade!
  • Do not use on stone or glass surfaces!
  • Do not cut frozen foods!
  • Avoid excessive force on the knife blade!


DYMO® LabelManagerTM PnP
To mark CAD/CAM material blanks

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1 piece

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DYMO® Label Cassette
Black -> White 7m
Cassette for DYMO® LabelManagerTM PnP

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1 piece

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