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  CAD/CAM Diamond bur (6 mm)
For wet processing of glass ceramics with all Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM milling units with a 6 mm diameter collet chuck

Paczka zawiera: 1 szt.
Shank diameter: 6 mm
Length: 50 mm

CAD/CAM Diamond bur 3 T (6 mm)
For rough milling

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2066
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 2.5 Cer (6 mm)
For rough milling

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2026
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 1.25 Cer (6 mm)
For precise milling

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2016
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 1,0 S Cer (6 mm)
For precise grinding of glass ceramics, especially in combination with titanium bases

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2076
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 0.6 Cer (6 mm)
For very precise milling, especially for fissures

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2006
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 0.3 Cer (6 mm)
For microfinishing

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2036
CAD/CAM Diamond bur 1.6 T Cer (6 mm)
For the elaboration of threaded screw channels in glass ceramics structures

Numer katalogowy: ZBAC2056